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We focus on giving you the passion for your business you had on that very first day and getting back to what matters most, your clients and employees!

Stephanie Fortune


If you are a small or mid-sized business owner chances are you’ve had sleepless nights over payroll, managing your employees and the ever-changing laws and making sure you are properly insured.

Trust me, when I think back to when I started helping business with their HR and risk managent challenges I cringe. The problems seemed to get more are more unorthodox and time-consuming.

Those experiences prepared me to face any challenge. From the one-man operation that has never had an employee and doesn’t know the first thing about payroll and enrollment documents, to businesses with hundreds of employees and multiple locations!

Truth is, regardless of if you have one employee or hundreds. You’ve likely had to determine if payroll should be handled using QuickBooks or another payroll company. Maybe even the thought of whether you NEED general liability insurance or if it simply a nice to have. There is a chance you’ve even gotten the request from a client or a funding source to provide a certificate of insurance and you immediately began to feel the sweat form in your palms.

Not to worry, I’ve gotten those calls and frantic email forwards and talked my clients off of the ledge they were on. It certainly wasn’t an easy task. See I have to be therapist half of the time because some clients come to me upset about costs, claims, disgruntled employees and more. But it is my job to get them off the ledge safely and ultimately solve their problem.

We’ve helped our clients get out of some sticky situations

We’ve helped a General Contractor secure workers’ compensation coverage when they were non-renewed from their carrier in time to secure a $2.7 million project.

We’ve helped an IT company bring in a full HR, Payroll and Workers’ Compensation solution in place when they did not know the first thing about managing employees
We’ve helped a non-profit insulate themselves from risk with insurance coverage after being denied by many carriers and put a PEO solution in place to increase morale while giving the business owner his nights and weekend back.
We’ve helped an HVAC company through the claims process. We are only there when times are good.

How can we help you?

Let’s get you more control of your business and sales, not just maintaining the status quo.


Based on your unique business needs, we combine a la carte HR and payroll services to solve your business challenges. Without all the fluff

Risk Management/ Workers Compensation

No business is created equal. However, every business should be protected. Let’s find out what your business NEEDS in order to get you running smoothly

PEO| HR Outsourcing

We listen, then go to work for YOU our client, to find the best PEO solution to fit your unique business needs.

Let's Empower your business today

Whether you are a one-man show or a business with hundreds of employees, we can provide the solutions to your busindss challeneges