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Payroll and HR Solutions

Managing core HR functions such as payroll administration and worker’s compensation while keeping up with increasing regulations can put heavy pressure on business owners.

A PEO solution, or professional employer organization, can help reduce the pressure by managing HR, Insurance, and Payroll so you can focus on growing your business.

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Faster Growth

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Lower Employee Turnover

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What is a PEO?

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, is an entity that provides HR outsourcing services to clients through a co-employment relationship.

PEO providers join your employees with the employees of other clients to gain efficiencies of scale.

By combining employees, PEOs can leverage buying power for better pricing and coverage options from widely known carriers.

What Services Can a PEO Offer?

Human Resources Management

Effective management of employees to maximize performance.

Workers' Compensation

Affordable coverage for small to medium size businesses.

Payroll Administration

Timely payroll processing that’s always in compliance with state employment compensation and tax laws.

Health Benefits

Health coverage at the same affordable rates that large corporations enjoy.

Let Us Help You Find The Right PEO For Your Business!

With our time, dedication and expertise we analyze your business challenges and find the best Human Resource Management company for your unique needs.

Our Customers

Stephanie, our PEO consultant, placed us with the right HR company, that provided all-inclusive HR services, including payroll and employee relations.

We were facing payroll challenges that Stephanie was able to provide a solution to with great speed and efficiency.

Stephanie Fortune was the right person at the right time. She was very professional and personable. She navigated me safely through the HR and insurance process without any confusion.

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