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5 Tips to Ensure Your Company Is Not Overpaying for a PEO

Written by Stephanie Fortune

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January 17, 2023

Are you aware whether your company is overpaying for a Professional Employer Organization or not? 

Professional Employer Organization or PEO is a cost-effective option that helps small businesses in managing their HR resources and employee benefits. However, you must be aware of their duties and responsibilities and ensure that you are not overpaying your PEO company.

This write-up provides you with tips that will assure that you are not spending excessively on your PEO.

What Are the Tips to Ensure You Have a Proper Budget for PEO?

Most companies negotiate with PEOs as the prices of these companies are never fixed and depend on the services, they are willing to provide. It is, therefore, necessary for you to decide upon the best pricing so that you know you are within your budget. 

However, here are some tips that will help you:

1. Find Options and Competitors: 

One of the significant points to remember before you are finalizing on anyone is that you must compare options when seeking a PEO. Here is what you must do:

  • Try to find the best market rates that other competitive PEOs might charge you.
  • Find the services and additional benefits that other PEOs will offer you.
  • Find their client list and their tenure of service from them.
  • Many PEOs have a challenge in bringing new clients on board. In that case, if you are finalizing them, seek some discount or concessions in exchange for your commitment.

2. Understand the Finances First: 

Another significant aspect you might keep in mind is checking the financial aspect before agreeing to a term. Remember, PEO salespeople are well-trained in a way to build their value before they will let you know their cost. Therefore, you must be mindful of:

  • Avoid emotional discussions while interacting with such individuals, agreeing to specific services, or technologies.
  • Consider the cost they will provide and stick to your budget before proceeding further.
  • Understand whether the cost they are providing is adhering to that of the market.

3. Try to Control Privacy: 

You must provide information only to an extent that is required. However, be sure to not provide them with the important ones, concealing which, might lead to higher quotations. Here you must also use non-disclosure acts and reference-based diligence to control the privacy of your company.

4. Understand the Price Locks: 

Price locks can be much more valuable than the discount that most companies offer. For an instance, if a PEO can lock in during their medical renewal, this comes as a more valuable decision than reducing their administrative fees.

5. Find an Expert/Professional: 

Try to utilize a third-party agency that will save your time and money by shopping for multiple PEOs on your behalf. They will ensure to stick to the guidelines. However, you must check the following in a professional:

  • An expert must have the appropriate market knowledge and its changing scenario. Also, he/she must be aware of the competitive price structure.
  • The concerned organization must follow best practices followed to the core and there must be no violation of laws.
  • They must have information and access to the lowest rates and must support you throughout the PEO relationship.
  • The professionals must also support you regarding annual reviews and other services.

So, now that you have an idea of how you must avoid overpaying your PEO, it is also necessary for you to educate yourself about their services and offering before seeking one. This will also assist you in saving on your costs. Besides, if you are willing to opt for these services, contact us anytime. We can assist you with payroll, employee compensation and other services. Also, if you wish to explore more about this, you can visit our blog section.

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