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6 Tips for Working Remotely 

In the new COVID-19 professional world many are finding that adaptation is the name of the game. From learning how to use technologies and software you’ve never worked with before to remaining connected and performing at the very same levels (if not higher) while working remotely and sharing office space with appliances and children running around. Thankfully, with the many advancements of technology, many of the challenges working remote may have posed in the past no longer exist. With that in mind, we want to share 6 tools that will help you remain effective while working remotely.

A Computer 💻

The computer is one of the most critical technological advances made in the last 100 years (in my opinion at least). Having a computer not only allows employees to tend to their clients needs remotely but they are also able to remain connected to internal communications, attend virtual meetings, purchase products and services for the company as well as pay bill in addition to much more.

A Dedicated Workspace 🖥

If you are like so many that previously did not have a workspace at home, you’ve had to resort to makeshift offices. Whether that means moving appliances aside and using the countertop as a desk, or using the corner of your bedroom and that nice sofa as space. Having a dedicated workspace makes the transition from “home” to “work” easier. It also assists in remaining focused and on task.

Stable Internet 🌐

What good is a computer is you do not have stable internet connection. Especially if you are like me and are in virtual meetings all throughout the day. Having a stable network connection in critical to mastering the remote working environment.

Video conferencing capability 🎥

Being remote does not mean you have to be disconnected. With many platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts making it easier to videoconference, staying in front of your fellow employees, clients and partner companies is just a matter of turning on the computer and putting on a headset.

Earphones and headset 🎧

Being able to remain present during virtual meetings and while interacting with employees, supervisors, clients, and others is a must. As such, having a reliable pair of headphones and/ or headset is a must-have.

To learn more about managing employees remotely reach out to us. We help small and mid-sized businesses manage their payroll, human resources, workers compensation and employee benefits environment. All remote. Let us be a resource to you.


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