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Difference Between the Value of AI and Human Experience in HR and Payroll Management

Written by Stephanie Fortune

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September 19, 2023

Do you know introducing artificial intelligence in human resources and payroll management can help you run a seamless business operation? With the implementation of AI, HR services have been automated and efficient. However, AI may not be able to replace the human-centric aspects of HR management, but the possibilities and advancements it can bring will help in better management. 

Continue reading to know more about the differences between the value of human experience and artificial intelligence in HR management!

Top 6 Differences between the Role of Human Experiences and AI in HR and Payroll Management

Artificial intelligence has brought several significant changes in managing human resources, but the role of human experiences is still essential. 

Here are 6 differences between the value of AI and human experiences for better interpretation of the facts:


AI helps in processing huge data without much turnaround time and accelerates the decision-making process. It helps analyze candidates’ resumes, predicts the turnover of an employee, and assesses their skills seamlessly. Thus, AI comes forward as a crucial tool that facilitates workforce planning and recruitment. 

However, human judgment is time-consuming, but it excels in evaluating the complex interpersonal dynamics of an employee, soft skills, cultural fit, etc. HR professionals can understand every employee’s needs and resolve any issues empathetically.


With artificial intelligence, you can personalize employee experiences through customized training programs, career development opportunities, etc. This helps in increasing employee engagement and leads to excellent employee retention.

However, when it comes to sensitive issues like workplace conflicts, mental health, career counseling, etc., a human touch is needed. AI cannot understand the compassion and mental stress of an individual.


With artificial intelligence, HR processes get streamlined and easy as repetitive tasks like data management, payroll, etc., get automated. This automation releases the administrative burden, offering enough time for strategic initiatives. 

On the other hand, AI cannot build up employee relationships or address the concerns of an individual. Thus, HR professionals play a crucial role in building trust and a positive work environment.

Diversity and Inclusion

AI can put an end to the biased recruitment and promotion process and make the decision based on employees’ skills. However, this is only possible when the database is managed efficiently. On the other hand, human resources professionals can understand biases and issues properly and address them while hiring or promoting an employee. 


AI plays an essential role in accomplishing large-scale HR responsibilities and managing a huge workforce efficiently. However, when it comes to unforeseen situations, AI cannot adapt to it. Here comes the need for an HR professional, who can overcome complex situations with smart and creative thinking. 

Cost Efficiency 

AI improves resource allocation and automates HR tasks, thereby reducing operational costs. However, employee satisfaction, strategic planning, talent development, etc., need a human understanding. Thus, complete AI implementation in HR and payroll management cannot yield better results. Instead, companies need to balance both the human experience and AI for a successful and efficient management system.

Final Words

The introduction of AI in HR and payroll management has undoubtedly increased compliance, efficiency, data analysis capabilities, and more. However, the role of empathetic decision-making, emotional intelligence, etc., is still undeniable for a healthy work culture. The perfect collaboration of human experiences and AI can foster a positive work environment and enhanced employee experience. If you need professional assistance in implementing an efficient HR solution, contact us. Our blog section can also guide you in understanding these aspects in an easier way.

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